08 agosto 2007


_thinking about what Shane proposed about trying to mix the 3 processes into the project (laser, mill, 3d print), and not really finding the 3d print suitable for the workshop, i found this paragraph in a book im reading:

How do architects generate feedback? This is where recent digital technologies can play an important role. By using new software and fabrication technologies that build in mechanisms for generating feedback, architects can develop techniques to create more dynamic forms of architecture -dynamic not in the sense that they literally move but because they are activated through interactions with their users and context. Since they continually rely on feedback from participants, such works are open-ended and always contain the potencial to give rise to new, unexpected effects. These effects may include the evolution of new technologies and techniques, drawing architecture into a larger feedback loop of technological and cultural development.

_ Ali Rahim

have u guys heard BATTLES??

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