21 julio 2007


_BIRTH YEAR NEEDS TO BE REMOVED...not appropriate in US
_MAIN degrees should be LISTED as opposed to sentence format w/ DATES OF ATTENDANCE BESIDES
_there is too much BS right now...dont inflate profiles i.e i was an intern for OMA-NY
not a collaborator with Rem

LOGO: dont like green
guys check out ur e.mails, and review the info i posted of u, in the "bios" as also let me know what ya think of the logo.... mmhh Luis need to know ur birthdate (year) and also , as u all can see, i need pictures of all of urs (i actually posted the one im going to use), also u might check the e.mail under mariano@lavistacabo.com since my google dont allow me to send any attachment, i dunno f*cking why....

20 julio 2007


and also...
archinect is going .NET soon... they see themselves now more as a network of architects all around the world, than a .com

19 julio 2007

by the way, is Vicente/IaaC interested in sponsorship??, im sure he would be interested, and that we show up as IaaC graduates, and promote his master courses (like give flyers, posters and brochures to students), im pretty sure he would be interested, so if we can take some money from him, or, infrastructure, or any deal for the future would be cool... ppl in BCN should talk to him, dont let him intimidate u if he comes up like "im not interested, why u think u can reach ppl i haven't", cause he is interested, and ur just giving him an idea of which way to pull more ppl in, so be carefull how u deal with him, for not losing his money in this....

(puting lucas in our side is very good, whatever lucas says yes, vicente follows almost blindly)


PROPOSED DATES (as in may have no relevance to our lives if they are not interested) are between aug 31 + sept 17th ...more specifically we will likely target sept 07-10 (boulder) + sept 14-17 (bozeman)

18 julio 2007

and what's is the temptative dates??? as soon as we can get the final date, better for me...
mmhh ok, whats that extended NETWORK Wittig??, i would recomend not to have 1 week long workshops in each location, i think 3 to 4 days intensive is more than perfect... i mean, think of IaaC, they got first one 3 days and got the basics of it
then u guys didi the other 3 days where they already had notions of rhino, and digital fabrication.... so in 5 days maybe we r wasting attention and focus...i dunno what's the goal of the workshops, like to give them basic notions, advanced ones?? in fabrication?' in function of the machines?? in modelling??

LIVE 2008 MILES on the road

00:01 BOULDER colorado [ u colorado boulder ]

00:02 BOZEMAN montana [ montana state u ]

00:03 MOSCOW idaho [ u idaho ]

00:04 EUGENE oregon {u oregon]

00:05 PORTLAND oregon [ u oregon ]

00:06 SEATTLE washington [ u washington ]

00:07 VANCOUVER british columbia [ u british columbia ]

extended wrkshp idea



post your thoughts...keep it LIVE [ continuous+nonlinear ]